Anatomy is a branch of medicine that involves the study of macroscopic and microscopic structures in human body.

Department of Anatomy:

The Department has a well ventilated dissection theatre, with all facilities to dissect Human cadavers not only for UG students but also PG students. Dissection theatre is available to the clinical faculty for Research work. The Department has cold storage facility in order to preserve the human cadaver in Emergency cases.

Histology practical laboratory has good Infrastructure with research lab where tissue processing is done regularly to cater to the needs of the students.

The Department has a well displayed informative museum displaying wet specimens, Models, charts and articulated skeletons.



Physiology is a branch of Medicine that involves the study of various ways in which human body functions.

Department of Physiology:

The department has a well equipped and furnished Haematology, Human / Clinical, Amphibian and Mammalian laboratories for effective demonstrations and undergraduate teaching – learning program. The equipments available include ECG Machine, Perimeters, Computerized and Student Spirometers, Stethographs, Mosso’s and Bicycle ergographs amongst others as prescribed by MCI for MBBS course.

Two demonstration rooms with a seating capacity of 75 students cater to conduct of tutorials and demonstrations. A spacious departmental reference library cum seminar hall is available for discussions and to make scientific deliberations in the department.

A sophisticated Research Laboratory with equipments such as Students’ Biopac, Polyrite and Computerized Spirometer provides clinical services apart from regular departmental research.

Physiology teaching staffs, under the leadership of Dr. Dayananda G, Professor and HOD, are highly dedicated to student teaching – learning activities, knowledgeable and are of the highest ethical standards imparting quality medical education. They share a special interest in medical research.



Biochemistry involves the study of numerous molecular mechanisms that underlie the states of health and disease.

Department of Biochemistry:

A spacious students’ Biochemistry laboratory in the college premises caters to undergraduate academic requirements. A good departmental library is available which caters to the needs of the undergraduate, postgraduate students and the faculty of Institution. The following equipments are available in the college students’ laboratory.

  • Spectrophotometer
  • Colorimeter
  • Flame photometer
  • Hot Air oven
  • Incubator
  • Autoclave
  • Electronic Balance

Clinical Biochemistry section works round the clock in the lower basement of the MVJ Hospital for conducting Biochemical investigations of the inpatients and outpatients of MVJ Hospital. The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Random Access Clinical Chemistry Autoanalyzer – 2 Nos.
  • Blood gas analyzer
  • Electrolyte analyser
  • Semi autoanalyzer
  • pH Meter
  • Electrophoretic apparatus with power pack
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Water bath
  • Centrifuge- 2 Nos.

Clinical Biochemistry lab has been a participant in External Quality Assurance Program conducted by Department of Biochemistry, Christian Medical College, Vellore for the past 8 years.

Bio Chemistry


Pathology is branch of medicine treating of the essential nature of disease, especially of the changes in body tissues and organs that cause or are caused by disease.

Department of Physiology:

Laboratory services in department of pathology comprise of 4 strategic units, namely, Haematology, Histopathology, Cytology and Blood banking.

Haematology unit has 2 automated cell counters for complete blood count (CBC) with 18 parameters along with Coagulometer.

Facilities for microwave processing and rapid tissue diagnosis are available. Immuno histochemistry for tumor characterization is also done in our labs.

CT guided and USG guided fine needle aspiration cytology is a routine. Cryostat for frozen section and immunofluorescence facilities are also available.

24 hour services are available in the blood bank and products available are Whole blood, PRBC, Platelets and FFP. We have the latest and highly sophisticated equipment’s for component separation.

Laboratories a well stocked library and are available in the college for undergraduate training. The departmental museum has nearly 500 specimens which are catalogued to encourage self-study.