Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care Intro

Today health care service demand more specialized and more super specialized care. Nurse practitioner in critical care nursing is designed to prepare a registered B.Sc Nurse for advanced practice role as clinical expert.

Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care Nursing is a residency programme with the main focus on competency based training. It is two years programme in advanced theory and practice.

The Critical Care Nurse Practitioner Program Prepares registred BSc nurses for advanced practice roles as clinical experts, managers, educators, and consultants lead to M.Sc degree in Critical Care Nurse Practitioner.


On Completion of the program, the Nurse Practitioner will be able to

  • Assume responsibility and accountability to provide competent care to critically ill patients and appropriate family care in tertiary care centers.
  • Demonstrate clinical competence/expertise in providing critical care which includes diagnostic reasoning, complex monitoring, and therapies.
  • Apply theoretical, patho-physiological and pharmacological principles and evidence based practice in implementing therapies/interventions in critical care.
  • Identify the critical conditions and carry out interventions to stabilize and restore patient's health and minimize or manage complications.
  • Collaborate with other health care professionals in the critical care team, across the continuum of critical care.


On completion of two years the Post Graduate Nurse Practitioner program, he/she can work as..

  • Nurse practitioner in critical care
  • Nurse Educator
  • Nurse Manager
  • Mentor to Nurse Practitioner students

Course Details

Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care Nursing


Theoretical basis for advanced practice nursing, Research application and evidence based practice in critical care, Advanced skills in leadership, Management and teaching, Advanced pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology, Advanced health assessment.



Foundations, Critical Care Nursing-I, Critical Care Nursing-II

Eligibility Criteria for Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care

Candidate must possess B.Sc Nursing or PB B.Sc Nursing with State Registration and must have one year clinical experience preferably in critical care setting


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